This course teaches basic. It also teaches the most basic and safe tree climbing system Double Rope Technique (DRT) and introduction to Single Rope Technique (SRT).  New Tree Climbers will learn how to use and choose proper tree climbing ropes and gear. They will learn how to hand throw a line and pouch into the tree tops and set up tree and people safe climbing system. They will also know basic knots and techniques that will not harm the trees but allow them to explore and walk on the tree branches. Tree Climbing requires skill, patience, energy, and a certain amount of courage. But the fun and rewards of your accomplishments will be well worth your efforts.

I GOT HIGH IN A TREE (IGHT) ~ Not Compulsory.
First time got high in a tree (>90 feet)

ADVANCE TREE CLIMBING COURSE (ATCC) ~ Pre-requisite BTCC + Climbing Log (180 hours).
This level is to recognize someone with vast tree climbing experience and mastered various Tree Climbing Skills. Advanced Tree Climbers are skilled at many different methods of tree entry (SRT and DRT) and Aerial Rescue. Advanced Tree Climbers will experience tree climbing trip 2 days 1 night and rescue operation. 

This course purposely design for researcher to climb higher. We teach most effective and suitable methods of tree entry suitable for research purpose. 

FUN CLIMB! No Pre-requisite.
Four hours fun climb experiences in recreational tree climbing with full assistance by TCM Instructors.

**All course daily conducted upon your request ~ Contact/WhatsApp us now for more info!