About Us

History of Recreational Tree Climbing was started by Peter "Treeman" Jenkins, a retired rock and mountain climber-turned tree surgeon (now an ISA-Certified Arborist). Peter think that an organization was needed which could bring together people who love tree climbing, as well as train them in the techniques necessary to ensure that they climb safely and responsibly. In 1983, he founded Tree Climbers International (TCI) and opened the world's first tree climbing school in Atlanta with two big white oak trees, Nimrod and Dianna.

Tree Climbers Malaysia  (TCM) is a registered tree climbing association in Malaysia and was founded by Saifful Pathil (ISA Certified Arborist). He and his friend Wan Mohd Shuqrie Wan Ahmad created an enjoyable and fun tree climbing program, clinic and courses for those who love nature and trees. Tree Climbers Malaysia  (TCM) belief by  experience in tree climbing inspires people to make trees your lifelong friends.

(ISA Certified Arborist)
Tree Climbers Malaysia